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This duo will move you. They rock in the most classical, eloquent, and elegant way.
— Pepe Raphael, Pepe & The Bottle Blondes
Duo Tenebroso finds magic in works by modern Spanish composer Victor Carbajo, Erik Satie, Sergio Assad, and others.
— Classical Guitar Magazine

Known for their warm musicality and singular interpretations, the name Duo Tenebroso is inspired by the painting style of Tenebrism which employs extreme contrasts of dark and light, with darkness being the predominant feature to allow a spotlight on the subject. In much the same way, Duo Tenebroso strives to use the language of music to illuminate the spirit.

Member David Franzen has performed with renowned artists such as Angel Romero and the Columbia Symphony , the Oregon Symphony , the Siberian Chamber Orchestra, the Guitar Foundation of America Festival, and the Montreal Jazz Festival.  Member Kristen Waligora's music has been broadcast worldwide on BBC Radio's program "In Tune" as well as NPR's "Classical Guitar Alive!" which broadcasts on 250+ stations to reach over one million listeners each week. 

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