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Destination: Dublin by Kristina Avila

David and I commissioned a new guitar duo composition by my talented award-winning friend and composer Kristina Avila whom I met through Facebook. (See, Facebook friends can turn into "real" friends!) She's the winner of the 2013 Austin Classical Guitar Society’s Composition Competition for Texas-Based Composers. “Koi Out to Sea” was premiered in Austin, Texas, by a ninety-piece guitar orchestra comprised of students from Oklahoma as well as high schools, community colleges, and universities from all over the state of Texas. To read her full bio, click here.

We are more than excited to premiere her new work titled "Destination: Dublin" at our concert on May 18, 2018 at Weigand Hall as part of the Portland Classic Guitar Concert Series. Don't miss this event and order tickets here! (Individual tickets will be available for purchase closer to the actual concert date.)

I gave Kristina free reign with no suggestions, themes, styles, length, or restrictions of any sort. What ensued was a lot of virtual drinking of Baileys and Guinness (for the sake of the piece), new bonds and friendship, and a heck of a lot of laughs.

Kristina:  A current project (just completed!), inspired by one day acquiring an Irish passport stamp, "Destination: Dublin" is a piece written for two guitars, and pays a musical homage to the stunning capital of Ireland.  Influenced by Ireland's historical Celtic music, instruments, folk songs, reels, and jigs, "Destination: Dublin" strives to inspire visions of Irish culture, the lush majestic countrysides, and Dublin's city limits, where modern city life merges with ancient culture and tradition. 
Commissioned by classical guitar duo, Duo Tenebroso, I was excited to freely create this piece, "Destination: Dublin", as it allowed me to creatively focus on drawing out the musicality and technical capabilities of both, David Franzen and Kristen Waligora, while remaining true to keeping an Irish theme. Duo Tenebroso’s unique interpretations coupled with their compelling synergism, is evident from the very first listen of their recordings, and even their well-suited rapport to each other can be heard beneath all their musical skillfulness. After having written only for guitar ensemble and solo guitar thus far, I jumped at this opportunity to combine my inspirations with the chance to create a unique two-part dialogue between two partners – an “Irish” exchange of ideas – where the two take turns in the spotlight to transport the melody, combine to create harmony, and come together to sound like one: one guitar, one texture, one voice. 
As this piece and project nears its end, it has been (and will be) an honor and a privilege to share my ambitions, not only with a prestigious duo, but with an audience who will hear my muses, creativity, and dreams of one day visiting the majestic Emerald Isle. Once heard, I hope this piece allows you to travel without moving from your seat, and may it move your mind's eye on a journey to an enticing destination - destination: Dublin.
~ Kristina Avila


Destination: Portland
Help Us Get Kristina to Portland for the Premiere!!

UPDATE:  We are currently at $395 of our $1500 goal! Thank you so much to those who have contributed, it means so much to us!! 

The premiere is on May 18, 2018, and it would mean so much for us ❤️ to fly Kristina out from Texas to Portland to be a part of the premiere of her new work! All funds will go toward airfare, lodging, missed time at work, and other travel expenses. Please help her and us by donating what you can or sharing this post!! 👇✨ Let's join together to make her musical "destination" a reality!



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