World Premiere Recording of "La Danza Grotesque" by Alexander Liss


We are honored and excited to announce the release of our very first single and the World Premiere recording of "La Danza Grotesque" by the talented American composer Alexander Liss. This rousing piece features driving asymmetric rhythms and virtuosic displays on the guitar that is showcased on our debut album "Portrait" that launches on May 30, 2018.

Mr. Liss is a guitarist and composer from Portland, Oregon, who studied music composition at Portland State University under Dr. Brad Hansen. Drawing from a wide array of influences, his music uses elements from traditional classical repertoire, jazz, rock, pop, and minimalism. He has composed for large and small chamber ensembles, video games and short films, but his true passion is writing for the guitar.

Alex:  La Danza Grotesque is a piece about becoming familiar with the peculiarity of human life. A bold statement is made by the first voice, followed by acknowledgment from the second. A wild idea becomes something else entirely when corroborated, and the two dance together through an exploration of that idea. The word grotesque in this sense comes from the classic American novel Winesburg, Ohio, by Sherwood Anderson. He used the word to describe the way that people can become fixated on an idea or truth which then steers the course of their life. This can transform and twist the person into something very different, even physically. Like gnarled hands, though, there is beauty in the story of hard work and fruition.

~ Alexander Liss

La Danza Grotesque Available at:
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